Mary Healy

Women-MaryHealyI started playing rugby in 2012 because I wanted to learn a new sport and meet new people in my college. One of my friends said I should start rugby, so I did.

Instead of playing with a college I started training with Galwegians rugby club. I played my first match and immediately fell in love with the sport. There is something so fun about tackling people!

I have played many different sports but have never found one where I have clicked with so many people in such a short amount of time, everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

I’m really looking forward to next season to learn more, to get fitter, tackle more people, and to just have a great time.

Mairead Coyne

maireadcoyneI was working in Galway over the winter and I wanted to take up a sport that would keep me fit for the football season ahead, so I decided to try rugby. I started playing rugby on a cold wet night last November.

I was very nervous as I had never played full contact rugby before just a little bit of tag with work. I didn’t know the rules, couldn’t even pass the ball properly and within a few weeks I could pass the ball, I could take a tackle and it was all thanks to the coaches and the girls. They accepted me into the team as one of them straight away and made me feel as if I had been with the team for years.

The girls are mighty craic altogether and the social aspect of the sport became evident at the end of season party when both the male and female team came together to celebrate the past seasons achievements.

It’s this banter and friendly rivalry that makes rugby such an exciting and social sport. One of my main reasons for returning this season is not only for the fitness but for the team spirit and the craic with the girls.

If your sport winds down in the winter I would encourage you to come and give rugby a “TRY”. I’m sure you will be happy that you made the “CONVERSION”.