Youth rugby grades are set by World Rugby and the IRFU. These are synchronised across the globe based on the players year of birth. No player can play below their age, and we only allow players to join squads above their age grade in special circumstances.

Boys Age Grades

Grade (2021-22) Year of birth
U18.5 01/07/2003-31/12/2004
U17 2005
U16 2006
U15 2007
U14 2008
U13 2009
U12 2010
U11 2011
U10 2012
U9 2013
U8 2014
U7 2015-2016

Girls Age Grades

Grade (2021-22) Year of birth
U18 1/7/2003-31/12/2005
U16 2006-2007
U14 2008-2009
U12 Mini 2010-2011
U10 Mini 2012-2013
U8 Mini 2014-2016

See the Youth Academy Contacts page for the team managers of each squad.