U20 Player of the Year: Fiachra Ó Gríofa

The U20’s player of the year is very well respected among his team mates. He can play in any position on the pitch he is asked to fill . He is the best tackler in the team and would run through a brick wall for you. He attends every training session. In the dressing room when he speaks everyone listens and does what he says. He is one for the future for the senior and junior teams.

Thirds Player of the Year:  Alan Campbell

In a transition season for the Thirds, consistency is vital. Both on training nights and on match day. Three, among others, are players we’d like to mention, Gary Carroll and David Stewart are two of these. But we are without any doubt on the Thirds player of the season. Only missing two games, and that owing to injury, is the man who led from the full back position.

Seconds/Junior Player of the Year: Eamonn Dowling

Our winner here has shown that his commitment to the Wegians jersey is second to none. He consistently gives 100% at every training session. At every match this season he has left it all on the pitch and played to the final whistle no matter what the score or circumstances. A great example to any young player both on and off the pitch.

Firsts/Senior Player of the Year: Josh Pim

This gentleman is a leader both on and off the pitch, his consistency throughout the season and past seasons shows his commitment to the club and team mates. His resilience to keep going through good and bad and the most severe pain threshold makes him an inspiration to others. This was typified by being called up to train with the Connacht Senior squad for the season.

Clubman of the Year: Martin Kelly

The club is very fortunate to have so many people giving of their time to keep all teams on the pitch. We acknowlege the
effort of all volunteers at all levels of the Club but it is our job to choose one as our recipient this year. This recipient had the thankless job of making sure we fulfilled our Junior League fixtures each week under very trying circumstances.
His team were rewarded by holding on to our J1A status and he carried out all of his duties with a smile. He was often first to training each night to carry out bags, bottles etc and became Mr Dependable as the season progressed to the end.

Vice President Declan O’Connor, Director of Rugby Paul Casserly, Junior Player of the Year Eamonn Dowling, Senior Player of the Year Josh Pim, President Billy Glynn, Clubman of the Year Martin Kelly and Chairman Paul Shelly