Q. Why is the AGM virtual?

A. Since last spring, the committee has been closely monitoring the Govt. COVID-19 public health guidelines, with a view to holding a live AGM if possible. In August, the further tightening of numbers for public gatherings meant that a live event was simply not feasible. Hence the decision to run a virtual event. This is in keeping with the advice of the IRFU to all clubs.

Q. When & how will the AGM happen?

A. It will be held online on the ZOOM platform at 7pm Thursday October 1st 2020.

Q. Who Is Eligible to Attend?

A. All Life Members and paid up Ordinary or Playing members are eligible and encouraged to attend the AGM. As this event is virtual, pre-registration is required by emailing  no later than 5pm, Tuesday 29th September. Entry to the virtual room on the night will strictly be limited to Members who have pre-registered.

Q. Can I Nominate an Individual for Office

A. Any Member wishing to contest election for a seat on the Board shall inform the Director of Administration by emailing  not less than seven clear days prior to the Annual General Meeting of his or her intention to stand for election and the Board position sought. The Member shall obtain from the Director of Administration the prescribed Nomination Form and return it to him by email, including a proposer and seconder together with a signed commitment to contest the election not later than two clear days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Only Members in good standing will be eligible to stand for election and/or propose and/or second a candidate for such an election. A Member may propose himself or herself.


The objective is to simulate a live event in so far as possible through the appropriate use of technology.

Q. How Can A Member Access the Virtual Meeting?

A. The AGM will be held on the ZOOM virtual platform. A private link to access the meeting will be emailed to all registrants on the morning of the AGM.

Q. What is the Quorum?

A. The quorum for an Annual General Meeting is 20. If a quorum has not assembled in the virtual meeting room within 30 minutes of the start time of 7pm, the Director of Administration may in his discretion declare the AGM abandoned.

Q. Is there a max. attendance limit online?

A. No, there is no max. attendance. The ZOOM platform will be able to accommodate as many eligible Members as possible. However please note the registration deadline above.

Q. What will the duration be?

A. While it is hard to predict an actual duration, the expectation is that the AGM should be complete within 90 minutes. To facilitate this, papers will be made available in advance to those registered where possible i.e. agenda, minutes from last year, Directors’ Reports

Q. How will input from attendees be possible at an online AGM?

A. At the start of the meeting, everyone will be asked to observe online etiquette, mute their microphones and switch off their cameras so that the only person visible and audible will be the person speaking. After each Director’s report is given, attendees will be invited by the Chair to indicate whether they want to ask a question or make a comment by switching on their camera and clicking the ‘Raise hand’ function. Attendees will then be invited to speak in the order in which the cameras were switched on. After an attendee has finished their input, they will be asked to mute their microphone and switch off their camera again.

Q. What happens if the same question is asked twice?

A. In the interests of time-keeping and efficiency, we would ask that attendees would try where possible not to repeat questions that have already been asked and answered.

Q. Can online voting be held?

A. Yes. If there is a contest for any position or vote to be held, we can conduct an online vote limited to the registered participants.

Q. Can I vote by proxy?

A. No, voting will be limited to those in attendance.

Q. What if I have further questions on the AGM?

A. Please email  and we will endeavour to answer any queries as best we can. 

Many thanks for your co-operation and we look forward to having a healthy attendance at the AGM.