Men’s Backs and Skills Coach

Where From?


Age you started playing rugby?

Aged 8

Your position?

Out half

Playing Career Highlight?

Winning promotions with Old Crescent & Malahide. Senior & Junior Cup medals with Young Munster.

Best Coach Ever Played Under?

Hard to name one. I have been very lucky with coaches

Best Teammate & Toughest opponent?

John Shine always come to mind.

Biggest Influence on Your Career?

Nobody in particular, have met plenty good rugby people throughout my career

Coaching Career to Date

Young Munster U20s backs coach for two seasons.

Reflections on Wegians 2022 CSL Campaign?

Was happy with 3 wins and the commitment during pre season.

Ambitions for Wegians Seniors this Year?

To be in the mix for a top 4 finish