A letter sent to the Galwegians committee in the early 1950s:

Dear Mr Costello,

I am writing about the top of the Senior Cup which has been missing for some weeks now.

This cup was brought in from T Richardson’s digs for the dinner on Saturday night May 3. It was left in the office afterwards and there it remained for some weeks.

One evening about three weeks ago I met Gerry in Dominick Street and he asked me what I did with the top of it. This was a surprise to me as I had no recollection of removing the lid and the only thing I could conclude was that if I did, I must have been well gone.

He said he would make enquiries. Since then Tim Richardson has also made an investigation without result.

It was a pity the matter was let slide for so long without letting me know, and now we have no option but to notify the Guards. When they call I’d be obliged if you would produce all members of your staff who saw me removing the lid and give full information as to where I took it and where I was last seen with it.

It must be found before the end of the month as otherwise I’ll have to be making arrangements to have it replaced.

I’ll hardly report this matter until Saturday the fourth, and in the meanwhile I would appreciate if you have an exhaustive search made of our entire premises. After all, there is no proof that I didn’t leave it back, if I took it, and that somebody else removed it subsequently.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. X

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