Galwegians RFC (“the Club”)  is presently an unincorporated association.  It operates under a constitution which provides that the property of the Club shall be held by the Trustees of the Club. The present constitution provides that the Trustees “shall be not  less than two and not more than five in number”.

Presently, there are three  Trustees namely Peter Crowley,  Michael Deacy and Billy Glynn.  These Trustees have acted diligently on behalf of the Club for many years and two of them now wish to retire.

For liability and other reasons it is more appropriate that any unincorporated association, such as the Club, would operate as a corporate structure.   The present Board of Management of the Club propose that the Club should move in this direction.

This would mean that the present structure would be wound up,  that a company limited by guarantee would be formed and that this company will take over the operations, activities, assets and liabilities of the Club.

It is proposed to hold an information evening in relation to this proposed change on  Thursday 8 February 2024 at 8 p.m. in Crowley Park with a view to holding a Special General Meeting (“SGM”) some weeks later for the purpose of moving to a corporate structure. 

The matters to be dealt with at the SGM would be:

  1. The approval of a new corporate constitution.
  2. Authorisation to immediately incorporate a new company limited by guarantee.
  3. The dissolution of the present Club structure
  4. The transfer of the operations, activities, membership, assets and liabilities of the Club to the new corporate entity.

All members are invited to attend the information evening on Thursday 8 February 2024 to discuss this extremely important step for the future of the Club.

Draft new constitution is available for viewing and download below.